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Pippa Reclining: Extended Drawing, 2010. (Charcoal on Paper) Tonya, Extended Drawing with Elevated Perspective. (Assembly sequence) Tonya, Extended Drawing. 2009 (Charcoal on paper) Tonya, Extended Drawing with Elevated Perspective. 2010 (Charcoal on paper) Pippa: Extended Drawing, 2010. (Charcoal on Paper) Tonya, Extended Drawing. (Assembly sequence)

Extended drawings developed as a response to questioning the influence of perspective systems on the artists, and by extension the viewers, position to the life model. Exended drawings retain an observational figurative representation of the figure without the rigidity of one point perspective.

The drawings are large scale and were produced with the artist positioned in very close proximity to the model. Beginning with a drawing of the head larger than life sized, on a single piece of paper, more paper was added as the drawing progressed. The result is a multi- perspective drawing, although the form has remained contained. The process of producing an extended drawing is echoed when the drawings are reconstructed on the studio or gallery wall. Fragments of the body are reassembled into a whole. Each reconstruction of the drawing alters it slightly, despite being fixed, areas of charcoal smudge, and where the drawing doesn’t quite meet, lines or areas of tone are reiterated or redrawn. Older layers of tape leave their marks and so the represented body subtly changes, and evolves through its reconstruction.